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Minority students


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A Paramount Issue
"Education should help people become useful members of society. It should also help them develop an appreciation of their cultural heritage and live more satisfying lives."         - The World Book Encyclopedia





Because of the rapidly growing changes in technology, it is quite apparent that post secondary education has become a necessity for individuals seeking to enjoy a reasonable standard of living. Unfortunately, statistics show that in southern states fewer than ten percent of minority students receive undergraduate degrees and only approximately six percent pursue postgraduate study. This indicates that even though the door to post secondary educational opportunities has been opened, few minorities have passed through it. Why? Because of countless obstacles which block the way - one of the most outstanding being a lack of knowledge about the availability of sufficient student financial aid.
Professionals and Members

Members consist of professionals, corporations, and educators.

Professional help for students, parents, and organizations to succeed in meeting the demands of the rising cost of post secondary education!


Extensively experienced with student financial aid programs of colleges and universities (HBCUs)


Currently involved in student financial aid and higher education activities.


Bring together the community, professionals, organizations and the government in efforts to resolve a paramount issue.


Consolidates the strengths of each group to create a bridge of success for those youths embarking on an independent life and career.

The Resolution of the Issue

The Institute of Student Financial Aid and Administrative Services (ISFA) was created as a vehicle to assist in resolving the issue. ISFA's purpose is to enhance the educational and economic status of citizens, students, and the public throughout the Southeastern United States. Its focus is specifically those citizens and students who are impoverished or otherwise disadvantaged or deprived of the benefits of the economic prosperity and well-being generally enjoyed in the Southeastern region of the United States.

The Primary Focus

The time has come for the financial aid obstacle to be removed and the percentage of minority students pursuing post secondary education to be dramatically increased. This is why the primary focuses of ISFA are to:

bulletInform and train parents and students in the areas of qualifying for and obtaining student financial assistance to attend post secondary educational institutions, particularly, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs); and
bulletTrain student financial aid directors, advisors, and counselors in the areas of providing complete and up-to-date financial aid support to students and developing and maintaining efficient financial management systems.
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