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"Bullet Proofing Your Business From Failure"

 "Bullet Proofing Your Business From Failure"

"A simple, yet comprehensive approach to maintaining or starting a small business."
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"Bullet Proofing Your Business From Failure"
Establishing A Successful Small Business
"I thought the book was very inspiring! The author took something that can be very difficult and made it very easy for me to understand how to go about conducting business. In fact, my son read it and felt the same way."
-Mrs. Anderson, F & C Auto Sales, Inc.
 Business Owner


$14.95 USA

Establishing and maintaining a small business in today's society is a big challenge. Limited knowledge exists in providing a simple, yet comprehensive approach to maintaining or starting a small business. This book presents the complexity of the business environment in a simple framework. It is designed to make the entrepreneur think carefully through the important elements of a business. It will also provide solutions to many common problems that are encountered by small businesses today.

This book is designed to give the reader a good understanding of the basic key cycles and elements of a small business. Most importantly, it provides thought provoking questions, answers and analysis of matters that should be considered before starting a new business. Furthermore, the existing entrepreneur will be helped to enhance his or her business knowledge with new and innovative ideas to strengthen business practices, policies and procedures commonly used.



"The book was well written. Bullet Proofing Your Business From Failure was a great read. It was the perfect building tool for me in this stage of my personal business development. You touched on the important areas of business development and broke it down so it could be understood. The executive summaries were a nice touch also. Giving the most important points of the chapters was quite helpful. It also helped for a good review of the material just read. (Especially for a business rookie as myself!) I have been recommending your book to all that I know. Although I'm not going so far as to give my only copy!. It is a tool of reference that I will constantly refer to."

A. Jackson, Jr., Entrepreneur

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